Borderlands 2 | Unlimited Players Madness!!

4 players lobbies aren’t enough. How about 64 players? If you enjoyed, then be sure to leave a “Like” 😉

Unlimited Players Madness Stream:

How To Do The Unlimited Players Mod:

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Borderlands 2 | Super Randomizer | Day #3

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  • Imagine an army of Kriegs. All the screaming and nipple salads

  • how did you kill the other people?

  • Too bad you got ddos

  • I wanna see this used for like a 20 person speed run of the game.

  • Petition for the voice actors of each bl2 vault hunter to use this mod and play through the game as their vault hunter but Zer0 doesn’t have to speak in haikus all the time and Krieg doesn’t have to speak “psycho” all the time

  • Can you only have that many in one game on pc?

  • this would be so op with everyone wearing a deputy badge

  • Me and the bois

  • The best game would be all gaiges or on bl 3 is would be fl4ks

  • Hey joltz can I sometimes play with you?

  • Vertraue diesen Menschen nicht, sie werden dein Leben auseinander reißen Übrigens, ich habe nur Spaß gemacht, ich wollte nur gruselig sein

  • "Now is not the time for bickering, Vault Hunters"
    "War is coming. And you will need all the Vault Hunters you can get"

  • Ah he should’ve done the dragons with all these people

  • Honestly, they should've made Borderlands like this.

  • “Hey, can you power level me”

  • borderlands mmofps looter?

  • This Is what raids should be

  • New Borderlands 3 update looks sick af

  • Imagine 64 Tortoise shields

  • 64 player Co-op?

  • Why is he kicking players

  • Joltzdude139's Assault On Digistruct Peak

  • What gun are you holding for the hide and seek

  • KaKa

    Author Reply

    Boss health ×100

  • I've been doing this everyday since m friends told me about this and its fun destroying bosses and raid bosses it's just too much fun with unlimited players in one game is mental

  • What’s the song at the end? I know it’s one of JoltzDude139’s songs, but where can I find it?

  • That 94 sham shadow had

  • QardoQardo

    Author Reply

    300 Vault Hunters have joined the session
    Jack: Well, shit….

  • shoots random

    One min later

    “Don’t do the team kill glitch you’ll get kicked”

    what a control freak

  • You should start a new game with over 20 people. New characters and all.

    Perhaps do this with TPS as well.

  • Reminds me of when I was playing Unreal Tournament (1999) and hacked my INI file to allow matches with myself and 31 bots, as opposed to just 15 bots. On maps designed for only 8 people, it gets a little absurd, but some particularly big CTF maps become a lot more enjoyable with 32 combatants.

    I tried going a step further and playing with 64 combatants, but it didn't go so well.

  • 9:52 – Incoming Scorn storm!

  • How do you het that much people

  • 11:44


  • This is what the cancelled Borderlands MMORPG could have been

  • At 5:20 raid on Area 51 be like

  • what if everybody is wearing team bonus class mods o.O 😀

  • I want this so bad…

  • Biggest crossover event since infinity war

  • LogieLogie

    Author Reply

    Safe to say that sal is the most played character more love to Axton bois

  • This is sadly the moment someone had hacked and fucked your internet