Big N64 Lot with Mystery Games – Cleaning and Testing the Lot – Fixing Ebay Junk

I got a deal on 18 N64 carts including 3 “Mystery” carts. Here I open, clean and test them all, and determine what the mystery carts actually are.

Tools You’ll Need
Gamebit Security bits

#RetroGaming #N64 #FixingEbayJunk #Nintendo

Music by Phillip “Hephestos” Schlosser

Super Mario Kart (SNES) Main THeme Remix/Remaster:

Zelda – File Select / Great Fairy’s Fountain LoFi Hip Hop Remix:

Super Mario World Game Over Remix Part 3

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  • So gross man, congrats though! Pays to get your hands dirty.

  • covid backpack

  • Love that someone handed an airline this random backpack with your name/number on it… and it arrived. I couldn’t imagine this happening in the US! Federal authorities would certainly show up at the door 😂

  • Step one: Place game cartridges in (top rack only) dishwasher!
    Step two: Fill dispenser with 99% isopropyl alcohol.
    Step three: Set to light wash/high-temp.
    (Working method as a 1998)

  • I've always used lighter fluid to get rid of permanent marker. Never thought to try a dry erase, I wonder if it's less elbow greese. 🤔 make sure to keep the lighter fluid well clear of the label though 😳

  • Use Everclear or any 95% ethanol for permanent marker. Permanent markers are suspended in SDA-40 which typicall is 99.86% ethanol and a .14% tertbutyl poisoning agent. Everclear will destroy permanent marker and its totally fine for plastics, and labels, provided none of the marker is suspended when it hits the label. Generally as long as the label already has ink printed on it, the marker will not absorb in, so usually you can even it get it off the labels too.

  • Ótimo vídeo parabéns salvando relíquias vc ganhou mais um escrito

  • That's actually not too terrible a price for a lot like this. Some good titles in here.
    A bit of a shame that Perfect Dark is missing the back label, as it would have been easier to tell which revision it was. (The "8.7 final" doesn't mean much here)

  • Nail Varnish remover will take off perminent marker, preferably nail varnish remover with Acetone in it. Lighter fluid will take of stickers or the glue left over, I make models for a living and that is what we use 😊

  • Lacquer thinner is amazing for removing sharpie.

  • Watched til the end. Good job! First try on every one.

  • Bug spray removes permanent marker like butter 👌

  • Wd40 for the marker. Goof off works for the stickers and marker,👍

  • alot of times you can pick up 1-2 $ sports games with nice backs.. and just swap them out. that is what i do

  • Oh man battletanx global assault, spent wayy to many hour as a kid playing that gem

  • That Zelda music Perfect. You made me crack a smile right here 😀

  • give me the backpack

  • lighter fluid works well too.

  • SKOL VIKINGS, assuming the jersey i saw in the background was what I thought I saw.

  • if you try Ronsonol lighter fluid you should be able to lift stickers easier without harming the original labels or ink. basically naphtha or heptane

  • Good stuff.

  • What i'm guessing is they've all had Blockbuster stickers on the back and someone's tried their best to get rid of them with terrible success

  • What a remarkable trip down memory lane seeing all these games.

  • this is awesome. keep it up

  • More mystery game cleaning vids plz.

  • Thanks for your channel
    You have given me hope to replay my N64

  • Duke Nukem 64 is great
    People please don't hate on it

  • What hardness of toothbrush do you use to clean?

  • @5:00 Good job kid, you snuck Perfect Dark past mum. Being denied M rated games during this era was horrible. I hadn't thought of that as an option.

  • Loved the video! Two quick questions: What did you use to clean the pins? It's looks like a rubber eraser, but I'm not sure. Also, what is the red liquid you used on the cartridge to remove markings? Thanks so much.

  • Odorful is the word of the month 😛

  • Battle Tanx was just on Game Sack today.

  • It looked like the color marker you used left a little bit of a rosy tint on the front of that bomberman cart. If it were me, I would try using a black marker instead.

  • Nice

  • For hard worn pins you could use a glassfiber pen .

  • Do you resell the things you fix? You could make some money and give people their childhood nostalgia.

  • Im glad to see soneone giving these classic games a new lease on life. Good job sir.