BelCham US Industry Outlook: Food & Beverage

The food industry is projected to grow close to 2% in 2020 in contrast to other struggling sectors of the economy (according to a Euromonitor analysis). Whilst confidence and spending growth are set to recover, consumer behaviors are expected to have changed forever. Brands and businesses successfully emerging out of this pandemic will be those which are prepared for the “new normal” and those who can adapt to supply chain challenges and local market dynamics.

In this session, you will gain a first-hand, local perspective on how to achieve “success in the US” and learn about some of the overarching trend lines that are reshaping the food industry in the US:
• Peter Bodenheimer, Partner at SOSV Partner and Food-X accelerator
• Michael Sas, CEO of Across Foods
• Ruben Hijl, Sales Manager at Tony’s Chocolonely

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