Behind the Score: The Imitation Game

In this episode of Behind the Score, we explore Alexandre Desplat’s Academy Award-nominated score for the Imitation Game.

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  • » FREE PACK (Cubase File, MIDI File, Stems):

    Chapter I (Introduction): 7:33
    Chapter II (Elements of the Score): 8:33
    Chapter III (Theme Gallery): 12:19
    Chapter IV (Suite Breakdown): 17:50
    The project file is available if you have any technical questions, and if you have any additional ones, feel free to put it down below!

  • Your analysis are exceptional. Congratulations.

  • Incredible score and analysis!

  • I love this soundtrack! What software are you using here? I’d like to explore this

  • can you make a list of the equipment that you use in your studio???

  • You're such an inspiration. Thank-you so much for these videos, and thank-you so much for existing and doing all the work you have done.

    You started at 14, and I'm 25 and feel like WTF I'm doing with my life. I graduated as environmental scientist, and dabbled in filmmaking, creative writing and now film scoring ( I love filmmaking and science etc. too) but wanna try composition, and your videos has been so inspiring and educating. Thank-you so much for making this world more beautiful and better by your presence in it.

  • Very well done ashton… The video editing, the daw cast content, your narrative on what's Happening…. It's perfect… Very informative and helpful… May you scale great heights man

  • Are you re-building those by ear or do you get help from the owners of the score?

  • ward0ward0

    Author Reply

    This is my favorite movie of all time. Thank you so much for this, really

  • Hi Ashton, very subtle rescore, I really enjoy this Desplat serie ; you mentioned Benjamin Button, would you consider leaning into it ? I would listen to it with the greatest interest ! really good video anyway

    On a completely different subject, I don't know where to ask, would you have advice on where to look for middle east/turkish/greek samples ? no worries if not

    thanks as always man,

  • One of the best videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

  • This is a beautiful recreation, thank you! Just before he died, James Horner told us in a talk at the Albert Hall that they used A Beautiful Mind to temp The Imitation Game, which makes sense. What do you think about the similarities and differences between the two scores?

  • Quick question 🙂 Let's say I will score a chord progression I IV V. If I'd score it for the whole orchestra, would I score it with root bass notes if the bass notes are really low or can they still be inverted in the bass. Say second inversion. I feel like the chord never becomes quite well with inversions with low bass tones. Am I wrong?

  • ippiippi

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    where did you find your desk?


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    Request: The Hunger Games Catching Fire – James Newton Howard?

  • Amazing as usual brother 👌🏼

  • Ashton, that's a great job! Thanks a lot, your passion inspires me to create! Keep it going, friend!)

  • A great example of the Desplat. Detail. Effect. 36:39 😀 Great job, man! Love it!

  • I'm floored by the amount of work that goes into this. The Imitation Game is similarly one of the scores that cemented my love for film music, thank you for this!!

  • Great job Ashton.
    Can you do a video on what are your own favorite melodic intervals you find very effective in your arpeggios?

  • You did it! Awesome work Ashton.

  • Another great video! Could you cover something by Joe Hisaishi?

  • Awesome 👍

  • How do you superimpose the zoomed out score on the images? I wish I could do that.

  • Beautifully done. Congrats

  • Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge AG, such a treat to watch and listen!!!

  • Amazing reconstruction! My wife and I have learned and continue to learn from you. Great service you offer. : )

  • Always amazing. Well done

  • One of my favorite scores and favorite composers! Thanks, Ashton!


    Author Reply

    Thank you Ashton! Good work!

  • You learn a lot and teach a lot. Thank you very much.
    Great work
    This film and its music touched my heart