ANALYSIS – Sea Salt ALL MINIONS w/ Locations

I am Dagon, the mighty god of the sea who was denied his request by the Archbishop of the church of Dagon. Now, to sate my anger, I will destroy all of the humans of this kingdom and take back what should be mine!

Now, go on my minions, go and kill all who stand before you, kill them and destroy everything!

(In this video, I analyze all of the minions encountered in Sea Salt. I am showing where to get these cards in this video. They are either easy to get (which means I won’t show a video for it), or hidden somewhere (which I will either refer to another video or showing you a short clip).

01:05 The Swarm
01:39 The Worm
02:33 The Cultist
03:59 The Creature
05:49 The Fly
06:30 The Crab
07:55 The Fishman
09:26 The Lich
10:52 The Drogher
12:15 The toad
13:23 The Flesh
14:28 The Hermit
16:06 The Drowned
18:14 The Black Cat
20:17 The Maggots
25:18 31:02 The Locust
25:51 32:16 The Shaman
26:25 28:45 The Spitters

Sea Salt is a top down real-time RTS where you play as the god Dagon. However, to kill the humans, you must summon minions of varying types. It’s considered a reverse-horror game because you are playing as the horror element.)

YCJY Games Youtube video:
Special thanks to Mortecrane for posting the guide on the Steam forums, and Q, Quizzicality, Mayor Ignaeon and Scary Terry for finding all of the cards.


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  • Awesomeee!!

  • wow man , well done thanks

  • You suck.

  • I wish you would have had a link to the map you used and some of the hidden rooms the tiny video you show is very hard to see and make out. also you should have made the map bigger or added a link to that as well. but good video
    P.S. what is the minion you're using in the clip's?

  • Good job 🙂