AccessDNR November 2018 – Maryland Department of Natural Resources

AccessDNR November 2018 – Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The November 2018 edition of a monthly video newsletter from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources hosted by Chief Public Information Officer Gregg Bortz and produced by Public Affairs Officer Stephen Badger.

AccessDNR covers all types of environmental and outdoor news in Maryland — from the Atlantic coast to the Appalachian Mountains.

Follow links below to get more information on this month’s content:

Maryland Forest Service –

Natural Resources Police Careers –

Tree Stand Safety –

Fluorescent Orange or Pink Requirements-

Hunter Education –

DNR Outdoor Store –

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  • Hey dnr got a question can i fish any creek or pond that's state owned and does the state own the banks? I'm trying to fish big pipe creek but I don't know if it's public I heard there are trout and I want to catch some

  • I keep considering applying to be a DNR Officer. Where can I get information regarding the training process?