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33 PERFECT Benoit Paire Drop Shots & Touches! 😍

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  • Drop shots can really infuriate your openant.

  • Yeah pretty sure the shot is better than the camerawork

  • S HS H

    Author Reply

    Maybe he loves blue colour just as much as the drop shots 🧐 almost every T shirt is blue!

  • Best drops and tweenera around.

  • feather touch!

  • i just saw corona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the amount of times Simon was featured here

  • Wow. A slick trick with a stick. That's an amazing piece of commentary work

  • u forgot perfect racket smashes ;)))

  • This guy seems chill, calm, and collected. I wonder if he's ever frustrated by anything in tennis?

  • ShawnShawn

    Author Reply

    Paire has much more talent than Nadull Knee.

  • We all knew what was gonna be the last one

  • Other Commentators: "Oh that is absolutely beautiful from Benoit Paire!!!" "Incredible feel from the Frenchmen!"
    This commentator at 3:54 : "ooooo Hohohohooooo…tasty…"

  • The key to beating the crybaby is to simply hit It to his forehand 😉

  • Love the purple hair most!

  • 3:06 back when he had a good forehand. I guess is anti-correlated with the length of his beard.

  • Le talent, Mariooooooon!

  • TA KTA K

    Author Reply

    Me: I wonder what the most annoying statement in tennis commentary could be?
    Commentator: OHHHH STOPPP ITTT

  • Cmon Benny~

  • He has perhaps one of the best, if not THE best drop shot ever in the history of tennis. 🔥🔥🔥
    Paire's backhand is also pretty decent, but his forehand and his hot tempo are the things holding him back

  • nir Snir S

    Author Reply

    best drop shot so far 7:07 such a beautiful one whats better the shot or the camera work haha

  • Why does this guy only own blue polos

  • He misses them a lot though

  • The best drop-shotter ever 😉 So good Paire style.

  • I swear Gilles Simon is the one receiving half these drop shots…. poor guy

  • I'm always amazed that some many tour players can play these touch shots with those completely dead Babolat rackets/strings. If Paire had a better forehand, he could have been the next Nalbandian.

  • So this is were his forehand went

  • I like this Paire guy. With this touch and ability to disguise his drop shots, he must have a zen-like personality, a calm demeanor and the ability to never crack under pressure!

  • Benoit have the best forehand in the business.

  • Why does everyone say his forehand sucks? If he's pro, it should be good enough

  • Lol for a moment I thought it was his birthday today and he became 33 years old

  • Love this guy……different characters make tennis so much more enjoyable to watch !

  • what he could have been….


  • 6:52 Arguably one of the greatest ever touches at net…

  • I’d like to congratulate Mia Zale on being the first

  • Amazing forehand

  • leechleech

    Author Reply

    he is special. good to have him on the tour! i am appreciative

  • ZachZach

    Author Reply

    The best fck boi tennis player 😎

  • best drop shot especially the through the leg one.

  • First🤟