2019 Reddit Anime Awards Livestream!

Livestream VOD announcing the winners of the 2019 /r/anime Awards. Please be patient both with me and the jurors. I try to speed it up after the Genre Awards, and many of the jurors are not used to being put on the spot!

If you prefer to also experience Twitch chat, which I recommend personally, a highlight can be found here: It cuts out the initial waiting.

Thanks to our wonderful guests! Here they are in order of appearance, in Guest – Juror format:

kaverik (the /r/anime Podcast) – Chem Chem, Freohr
basedbecker (the /r/anime Podcast) – krasnovian
Mozilla Fennekin/Lux (the /r/anime Podcast) – Ralon17
Under the Scope – Unexpected Wolf, Jag
Isla Mctear – Animestuck
Arkada/Glass Reflection – Rusty
ShaKing807 (the /r/anime Podcast, Moderator) – goukaryuu
FateSteelTaylor (the /r/anime Podcast)
The Canipa Effect – Rento9, PerfectPublican
LilyPichu – ATargetFinderScrub
The Pedantic Romantic – Nijgnuoy, AdiMG, Biochem
Phenom Sage – Combo, DoctorWhoops
Shabu, That Music Nerd – Blu/Caleb


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  • 00:00 – Trailer

    03:42 – Best Action (kaverik, Chem Chem)

    12:35 – Best Adventure/Fantasy (basedbecker, krasnovian)

    19:42 – Best Comedy (Mozilla Fennekin, Ralon17)

    26:34 – Best Drama (Under the Scope, Unexpected Wolf)

    32:34 – Best Romance (Isla Mctear, Animestuck)

    41:23 – Best Slice of Life (Under the Scope, Jag)

    48:53 – Best Thriller/Mystery (Arkada/Glass Reflection, Rusty)

    56:10 – Best Supporting Characters

    56:47 – Best Main Character in a Dramatic Role (Shaking807, FateSteelTaylor, goukaryuu)

    1:02:46 – Best Main Character in a Comedic Role (kaverik, Freohr)

    1:08:30 – Best Antagonist (Shaking807, Lenlo)

    1:15:02 – Best Cast (Kamimashita, thyeggman)

    1:19:32 – Kyoto Animation Tribute

    1:21:43 – Best Background Art

    1:22:37 – Best Animation (The Canipa Effect, Rento9)

    1:28:58 – Best Female VA (LilyPichu, ATargetFinderScrub)

    1:35:38 – Best Male VA (LilyPichu)

    1:40:14 – Best Art Style (FateSteelTaylor, Fircoal)

    1:47:45 – Best Cinematography (The Pedantic Romantic, Nijgnuoy)

    1:53:25 – Best Character Design (The Pedantic Romantic, AdiMG)

    2:01:27 – Best OP (Phenom Sage, Combo)

    2:10:24 – Best ED (Phenom Sage, Doctor Whoops)

    2:20:53 – Best OST (Shabu, That Music Nerd, Caleb)

    2:32:43 – Best Short (Kor, Mcady)

    2:39:45 – Best Movie (Isla Mctear, Sack)

    2:50:07 – Best Original (The Canipa Effect, PerfectPublican)

    2:57:42 – Test Categories Introduction

    2:58:28 – Best Script (Kamimashita, Accipender)

    3:02:42 – Best Sports (Ralon17)

    3:05:14 – Best Sound Design (Theleux)

    3:10:58 – Anime of the Year (The Pedantic Romantic, Biochem)

    3:21:09 – Website Reveal

  • Finally some recognize to Precure

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    no wataten…

  • Leave it to the normies over on Reddit to choose AOT for AOTY…

  • I dont trust these jury members all that much. When Kami speaks to the judges a good portion of them struggle to articulate their thoughts and when they get though with talking they dont convince me why the Jury Pick won as oppose what I would choose. What I am saying nicely is, the judges just to seem well versed and knowledgeable about anime and, deriving what they talk about, dont seem to know baseline college level and above, analytical skills in terms of writing and criticism. I am not trying to be mean but some of the guests couldnt even sway me, even for an instant, to see their point a view and empathize. Overall, since this is a reddit event for anime, most are in their late teens and early 20s and may not have taken or yet mastered skill taught in college.

  • i really thought domestic would be in drama

  • Naisu

  • Sorry everyone, this one shouldn't get taken down!